Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Mei Mei

Well, as SoFlaKiddo's journey comes to an end, another one begins! We have started a new blog to journal our journey to Mei Mei. Mei Mei has albinism just like SoFlaKiddo and is a welcome addition to our family.

SoFlaKiddo is an amazing child who in a very short time has learned to understand English, starting to speak sentences, learned to count, can recite the alphabet, and is just starting to read! Yes, you read this correctly. Our visually impaired child points out letters and numbers whenever he recognizes them. He just loves books and can't get enough reading time...he reads everywhere, the car, his room, at school, the bathroom (which comes in handy sometimes). Dr. Seuss currently is the book of choice and luckily we have a nice collection from over the years.

So as this blog comes to end, another blog begins. Stop by and let us know you that you found us!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Hearing is Normal!

This week was a bit traumatic for our little one. We needed to perform a hearing test because his doctor and therapist suspected hearing loss. So we tried the traditional methods a few weeks ago however we have a feisty child and he would have no part in anything that looked like it would go into his ears. So we scheduled an ABR in which the child is sedated and then the hearing test is administered.

The best news is there is no hearing issues!

But to get this result, our little guy wanted no part in the test. Even though the sedation was administered orally, he refused to fall asleep. He displayed typical orphanage behavior while we waited for the meds to take effect (that we had not seen before). Between the rocking, banging his head on the bed/wall, crying without tears, it was exactly what we had read about. I guess it is amazing that after 4 months of being with us, this is the first time that we saw this kind of behavior. It's easy to read about these behaviors but when you actually see them first hand, its heartbreaking. So after a lot hugs and kisses, he finally succumbed to sleep and had a great nap while the test was administered.

Th ABR test was also the last part of a series of tests to get SoFlaKiddo into the local school system's early intervention program. Now we are waiting for an appointment for a full evaluation and then we are in the home stretch! We met his Visual Impairment Counselor who will be with us at the full evaluation. She adores SoFlaKiddo and can't wait to start working with him. She gave us some pointers that we are implementing at home.

The picture is from our local FCC Autumn Moon Festival. We had a great time celebrating at the beach. What better place to watch the moon rise than over the ocean.


Friday, September 11, 2009

We Have a Flush!

This week AJ has finally mastered flushing the toilet. This may not be a big step for most but this has been a 3 month work in process. When we first met AJ, he did not have the muscle tone to flush the toilet. He could put his fingers on the "flusher" but he could not turn it. So mom and dad would have to help him move it along. We have been working with him everyday having him try applying more pressure. This is also a form of occupational therapy (I am guessing) using the pincer movement of the hand. Now that he has mastered the flush, what's next? Door knobs, light switches, scissors?


Monday, September 7, 2009

We Have a Voice!

Its been a long time coming but all of the speech therapy is finally paying off. This week we got 3 words:

Anana (banana)

AJ speaks very softly; almost a whisper like he is afraid. But he is repeating the words. Now, we wait for the next big step...speaking without being prompted. We can see this happening any day now. It's interesting watching AJ overcome obstacles that he should have done as an infant/young toddler. I am no child development expert, but what he experiences everyday is like living with a really big infant. The difference is when he overcomes an obstacle, he knows it and shows us with a great big smile and a hug. This just warms our heart watching him flourish.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Firsts

Last week, AJ attended his first wedding. He looked so cute in his tux. It was an evening affair so we hired a babysitter to join us at the wedding. During the ceremony, AJ and the sitter played in the hall as not to disturb the ceremony. At the cocktail hour, AJ enjoyed the people, lights, music and food. His look of amazement in the room was priceless. The affair was lavish with ice sculptures, test tube shots, sushi, cervechi, and much more. As the cocktail hour continued you could see how tired AJ was getting. The time was after 9:00 and his bedtime is usually between 7:30 and 8:00. So we had the babysitter set AJ up in a private room equipped with a couch and some books. AJ was asleep within minutes...poor guy. All the stimulation really knocked him out! Thanks to the babysitter we were able to really enjoy the party while AJ slept in the next room.

Another first this week is the use of a straw. This is a huge step for self feeding and speech. When you use a straw, it helps to strengthen the muscles used for speech. A feeding specialist helped us understand how to adjust the straw so AJ could use it. Today is the 2rd day using a straw and now all the drooling that he had when he drank straight from the cup has stopped. You can see in AJ's face how proud he is that he is using a straw just like the other kids in his class.


Friday, August 7, 2009

First Hair Cut

SoFlaKiddo looks really good in long hair. I prefer guys with short hair but he is just so darn cute with the long hair that we decided to keep it long with a paige boy cut. Now SoFlaKiddo is ready for his first wedding...yes tux and all; SoFlaKiddo is attending a wedding in 2 weeks.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Where is SoFlaMom?

Really, I have not fallen off the face of this earth! Time has escaped me between being a new mommy, to work, to school, to just plain life! Here is snapshot of firsts since we have been home:

First time using a spoon by himself
First time using a fork by himself
First time feeding self with fingers - well not consistently but we have seen this once or twice
First day of school
First day he did not want to leave school (AJ loves his pre-school class)
First time on a swing - not quite sure what to do on this thing was the expression on his face
First time on a slide- not too keen on the slide thing
First time mastering the slide without assistance - Thank You Pre-School!!! Slide is a hit!
First time in water play - his favorite school activity besides lunch
First time signing for more - Yippee, we now know when AJ is hungry
First squeal in delight - we just love blocks
First Video - Disneyland Sing Along Songs is a favorite
First time in the pool - hesitant at first but really turned it around
First Road Trip - 5 hours to Jacksonville

More to come later!