Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a Bargan!

3 lbs weights at Target for only $4.00! So we bought 2 and will start the year off working on our triceps with 6 lbs. Only 14 more lbs to work up to and we will be good to go!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Travel Packet #1

Today we received our first travel packet This packet gives us information on what to expect when we travel and some things we can do to prepare ourselves for the trip. For example we are asked to increase our level of exercise by taking the stairs, parking the car further from your destination...hmmm....isn't this everything that we get warned not to do if you are a woman and alone. Imagine what can happen in a stairwell or walking alone in a mall parking lot. I guess I can find another way to increase activity (besides exercising my fingers on this computer LOL!)

I think I will start by using the Wii Fit more than once in a while. Today I worked on my triceps. Great workout...It hurts just to type this entry! I guess this is one area that I will continue to work on considering I will be bringing home a 20 lbs little boy. Funny how I just lost over 20 lbs. Just a thought to ponder.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PA!! 1/19/09

Our Son An Yi Fei

We can officially post information today because we have received PA (Pre Approval) from China yesterday. For those new to adopting a special needs child, the process is a bit different from the traditional adoption program. After you accept your referral you send a Letter of Intent (LOI) to China. Our LOI was 1/13/09. China, in return, sends back a PA. This process usually takes a few weeks however we received our PA in a record breaking 6 days!

Next step is LOA (Letter of Acceptance). From what I have read, this take ~90 days. If we were on a perfect timeline, this would put us in the mid April . However, I have read that some parents have received their LOA in as little as 30 days and others as long as 150 days. So, we hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

We have not decided on a name for our son but have decided to name him after my father (as you can see on my other blog) and SoFlaDad's stepfather. Therefore we are looking at names that begin with an "A" and a "J". If you have any ideas, please post them on the comments. At this point we are calling our son AJ until we come up with a name.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a Girl...No, Its a Boy!

Just when you think that you are going down one path, you wind up on another one. When we started this journey..our second journey...we thought that we would bring home a daughter. But life is funny sometimes and here we are.

It's a Boy!

Our LID is 8/13/08

We have changed paths from a NSN child (NSN = non special needs) to a special needs child. Special needs is a scary thought but special needs in China is much different than special needs in the US.

When you adopt using the SN path, you need to wait for a pre approval (PA). Once we get a pre approval we can post more information about our son. So stay tuned and we will give you more information when we can!