Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wait, Wait, Wait

Still waiting for the 3 magic letters L O A

We are so happy for the families that will be traveling soon and the families that just returned home with their newest family members. I know this time (wait, wait, wait) will be forgotten as soon as we have our little guy in our arms. We are just trying to stay busy.

Our fingerprints expire in May and there is a good chance that we will be traveling in May so we are waiting for an appointment to have them redone. This becomes crucial for me. I have very faint fingerprints and the newest technology (computer scanned fingerprinting) does not work for me. This is nothing new for me because I work in the financial industry and have been fingerprinted my whole career. It was much easier when I was fingerprinted the old fashioned way - ink and paper! Because the newest technology does not work for me, I have the FAIL the fingerprinting 2 times before I can get "sworn in" that I am not a criminal. So again we are in the holding pattern of Wait, Wait, Wait!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Express To China

Today we sent a care package to An Yi Fei in China. We are not sure if he will get the package but have high hopes that it will at least make it to the orphanage in Anyang. An Yi Fei is in foster care so it will be up to the orphanage administrators to give the package to the foster family. We included some items to share with the children...Tootsie Pops. We also included some nice winter hats for the children. For An Yi Fei, we sent a matchbox airplane, sunglasses, a sweater, mini toy dog, and a heart shaped pillow that has Forever Yours stitched on the front (gotta love valentine's day!). We also included some lip balm and cosmetic cases for the foster family and nannies.

In addition, we took some pictures of the family, including the dogs and put them in an Einsteins baby photo album. We were given the Chinese words for mom, dad, and big brother which were taped to the pictures. We even had the word dog (singular) even though we have plural. If you haven't figured it out yet, we love dogs. To top off the care package, we added a disposable camera. Hopefully we will get this back on adoption day, commonly known as gottcha day, filled with pictures of our little guy.

All this needed to fit in a box the size of a shoebox. We used USPS to ship the box and it cost us under $50.00 to ship. Based on what I read on other blogs, this was a bargain!