Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Still Working on a Name...

High on our list is Aaron and Ari. We would like to stick with the AJ name because from what we understand our son is called Fei or Fei Fei in China. Fei Fei rhymes with AJ so we think this transition could ease some of the pain he may be feeling. We know when we get him home he will be missing his foster parents, nannies, friends, language, food, sites, and smells. We want to help him the best that we can and if calling him AJ will bring him any comfort, we will continue to do so. As for the J name we are leaning toward Jared or Justin. Any other suggestions?


Sunday, March 22, 2009

We Know Some Of The Nicest People!

Yesterday started out a regular weekend day. We got up, had some coffee, read the paper, and started to get some household errands completed. Later we went to the dentist (in the afternoon) for a cleaning. SoFlaDad had his done about a month ago and casually mentioned to the Dentist that we were adopting from China and starting a toothbrush collection to donate to the children of Anyang. Dr. G said that he would like to contribute. I didn't think anything would come of this but when we arrived yesterday, Dr. G had a box of children sized toothbrushes waiting for us. We were thrilled that our dentist that we see only 2x a year went out of his way to ensure that every child in the SWI will have a toothbrush. I was told there are 80 children at the SWI and the box plus what we have collected will ensure that all children, plus 20 future children will all have a toothbrush. We are so lucky to have such caring peoplein our lives!

Thank you Dr. G!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finger Print Appointment!


We have an appointment in early April to get our fingerprints redone. Things are moving along...


Anyang, Henan China

I thought I would post a few links about the Henan region and Anyang. One interesting fact I found was about a city in Henan called Kaifeng. Kaifeng had a small jewish community that no longer exists. However some of their customs are still present today like not eating pork. Take a look at the last link to learn more.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

So What's Up in SoFla?

We are working on updating our home study that has expired. This includes criminal background checks, child abuse checks, physicals, and employment letters. This is the easy part. The harder part is the fingerprinting. Homeland Security will not allow us to redo our fingerprints until 1 month before expiration. That means the earliest we can get an envision to redo our fingerprints is 4/1/09. This is a cutting it really close. Based on my previous post that I need to fail 2 times before I can be sworn in, it could be until the end of April until the process is completed. If we travel in early May, the American Embassy may not have our updated fingerprints in time. Another headache in this paper pregnancy. We'll just hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

For those wondering where we will be traveling to in China, we will be in the capital of the Henan province called Zhengzhou. The families that have traveled there in the past usually stay at the Crown Plaza Hotel. Our son is located in Anyang which is in the northern region of Henan. From what I have read, Zhengzhou is known as a transfer station for trains that travel N/S with trains that travel E/W. Anyang is the birthplace of Kung Fu and this region is part of the silk road. As I learn more about the region, I will post in the blog.