Friday, June 19, 2009

Pictures of Gotcha Day

We have 2 batches of pictures to share! This is our travel group. Some of the pictures did not come out clear but you can see the joy and happiness in all of the families faces!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still No Pictures??

Yes, still no pitures :-( Since we have been home I went back to work PT in the AM and SoFlaDad has slightly shifted his schedule. Our goal is to have SoFlaDad back on his normal schedule next week. In order to make this goal, we need to ensure that AJ is immunized for preschool. AJ will be attending PT AM to help him with emmersion into the world of English. He understnads more and more each day. He loves when we start counting 1, 2 ,3 because he knows at the end he will either be bounced on a bed, somersaulted, or some other boy rough and tough rumbling. Therefore I can say he can count to 3. Now if he would verbalize this, we will be on out way to the world of toddlerhood!

I'll try to get some pictures posted as soon as I can!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

What Happened to the SoFlaFamily?

We're Home!!

It was an interesting week(s) to be traveling in China. The beginning of June was the 20th anniversary of the Tinnemen Square uprising. The gov't was afraid of a repeat so they blocked most of the blogging sties including blogger and twitter. Facebook was up the entire time. I am not sure why the gov't did not block this site too??

Anyway, we arrived late evening / early morning on 6/13 and were utterly exhausted yesterday. Today we are doing better and AJ is falling into his new routine. I will need to backtrack the trip and add posts and pictures as time permits. Right now we are getting ready to get the last of our 4 legged family members and we will be complete.