Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Firsts

Last week, AJ attended his first wedding. He looked so cute in his tux. It was an evening affair so we hired a babysitter to join us at the wedding. During the ceremony, AJ and the sitter played in the hall as not to disturb the ceremony. At the cocktail hour, AJ enjoyed the people, lights, music and food. His look of amazement in the room was priceless. The affair was lavish with ice sculptures, test tube shots, sushi, cervechi, and much more. As the cocktail hour continued you could see how tired AJ was getting. The time was after 9:00 and his bedtime is usually between 7:30 and 8:00. So we had the babysitter set AJ up in a private room equipped with a couch and some books. AJ was asleep within minutes...poor guy. All the stimulation really knocked him out! Thanks to the babysitter we were able to really enjoy the party while AJ slept in the next room.

Another first this week is the use of a straw. This is a huge step for self feeding and speech. When you use a straw, it helps to strengthen the muscles used for speech. A feeding specialist helped us understand how to adjust the straw so AJ could use it. Today is the 2rd day using a straw and now all the drooling that he had when he drank straight from the cup has stopped. You can see in AJ's face how proud he is that he is using a straw just like the other kids in his class.


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Candy said...

AJ looks so handsome. I love his haircut.