Monday, August 3, 2009

Where is SoFlaMom?

Really, I have not fallen off the face of this earth! Time has escaped me between being a new mommy, to work, to school, to just plain life! Here is snapshot of firsts since we have been home:

First time using a spoon by himself
First time using a fork by himself
First time feeding self with fingers - well not consistently but we have seen this once or twice
First day of school
First day he did not want to leave school (AJ loves his pre-school class)
First time on a swing - not quite sure what to do on this thing was the expression on his face
First time on a slide- not too keen on the slide thing
First time mastering the slide without assistance - Thank You Pre-School!!! Slide is a hit!
First time in water play - his favorite school activity besides lunch
First time signing for more - Yippee, we now know when AJ is hungry
First squeal in delight - we just love blocks
First Video - Disneyland Sing Along Songs is a favorite
First time in the pool - hesitant at first but really turned it around
First Road Trip - 5 hours to Jacksonville

More to come later!

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Candy said...

Sounds like AJ is doing very well. Firsts are so exciting.