Friday, September 11, 2009

We Have a Flush!

This week AJ has finally mastered flushing the toilet. This may not be a big step for most but this has been a 3 month work in process. When we first met AJ, he did not have the muscle tone to flush the toilet. He could put his fingers on the "flusher" but he could not turn it. So mom and dad would have to help him move it along. We have been working with him everyday having him try applying more pressure. This is also a form of occupational therapy (I am guessing) using the pincer movement of the hand. Now that he has mastered the flush, what's next? Door knobs, light switches, scissors?


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tonya said...

Man I so know what y'all are going through with the low or no muscle. Mattilyns toungue even did not have muscle tone. How does that happen? We taught her to click her toungue this week so maybe we can get that muscle built up. Some of these kids were so neglected. Poor babies:( How old is AJ?