Monday, September 7, 2009

We Have a Voice!

Its been a long time coming but all of the speech therapy is finally paying off. This week we got 3 words:

Anana (banana)

AJ speaks very softly; almost a whisper like he is afraid. But he is repeating the words. Now, we wait for the next big step...speaking without being prompted. We can see this happening any day now. It's interesting watching AJ overcome obstacles that he should have done as an infant/young toddler. I am no child development expert, but what he experiences everyday is like living with a really big infant. The difference is when he overcomes an obstacle, he knows it and shows us with a great big smile and a hug. This just warms our heart watching him flourish.



Stacy and Jon said...

This is great news! Hearing his voice must be music to your ears. Hugs to A.J.,
Stacy and Jon

tonya said...

We are in the same boat with the big infant thing so I understand. We also only have a few words. Mattilyn does not even know to move her mouth she just does tones unless we tell her. We are slowly slowly getten there..

Candy said...

Excellent! Before you know it he'll be talking non-stop.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

The Cloutiers said...

Yeah! 3 words in one week, that's great!