Friday, October 23, 2009

Hearing is Normal!

This week was a bit traumatic for our little one. We needed to perform a hearing test because his doctor and therapist suspected hearing loss. So we tried the traditional methods a few weeks ago however we have a feisty child and he would have no part in anything that looked like it would go into his ears. So we scheduled an ABR in which the child is sedated and then the hearing test is administered.

The best news is there is no hearing issues!

But to get this result, our little guy wanted no part in the test. Even though the sedation was administered orally, he refused to fall asleep. He displayed typical orphanage behavior while we waited for the meds to take effect (that we had not seen before). Between the rocking, banging his head on the bed/wall, crying without tears, it was exactly what we had read about. I guess it is amazing that after 4 months of being with us, this is the first time that we saw this kind of behavior. It's easy to read about these behaviors but when you actually see them first hand, its heartbreaking. So after a lot hugs and kisses, he finally succumbed to sleep and had a great nap while the test was administered.

Th ABR test was also the last part of a series of tests to get SoFlaKiddo into the local school system's early intervention program. Now we are waiting for an appointment for a full evaluation and then we are in the home stretch! We met his Visual Impairment Counselor who will be with us at the full evaluation. She adores SoFlaKiddo and can't wait to start working with him. She gave us some pointers that we are implementing at home.

The picture is from our local FCC Autumn Moon Festival. We had a great time celebrating at the beach. What better place to watch the moon rise than over the ocean.



tonya said...

So glad you put an update up. I've been wonderen about your boy. Mattiyn is talking a bit more. We put her on omega 3 2 in morning and 2 at night about 4 weeks ago and I don't know if is a coencidence or not but she is speaking more and better. She will be three in December. Apraxy has been metioned since she undestands everything. They wont put that lable on her till after she has been here at least a year to catch up. Hope to hear more updates from yall since we have some simular issues.

Shirlee McCoy said...

Poor little guy!

Sorry you all had to go through that.

The Cloutiers said...

so glad that bridge is crossed and that it is not an issue that you have to deal w/.

our little guys are still slow to speak. They have some words, they just choose not to use them (ha ha!). Our ST told us not to worry, she said some times they just have so much going on in their heads like learning the receptive language that spoken language sits to the side a while.

Been thinking about you and hoping all was well!

-Jennifer (mom to Zachary and Hunter)