Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Mei Mei

Well, as SoFlaKiddo's journey comes to an end, another one begins! We have started a new blog to journal our journey to Mei Mei. Mei Mei has albinism just like SoFlaKiddo and is a welcome addition to our family.

SoFlaKiddo is an amazing child who in a very short time has learned to understand English, starting to speak sentences, learned to count, can recite the alphabet, and is just starting to read! Yes, you read this correctly. Our visually impaired child points out letters and numbers whenever he recognizes them. He just loves books and can't get enough reading time...he reads everywhere, the car, his room, at school, the bathroom (which comes in handy sometimes). Dr. Seuss currently is the book of choice and luckily we have a nice collection from over the years.

So as this blog comes to end, another blog begins. Stop by and let us know you that you found us!


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